Permeable paving


• A sustainable driveway solution
• No planning permission required
• Each 60mm block features the Marshalls unique patented 'Priora' nib
• Conforms with Government legislation
• The 'Priora' nib allows surface water to pass between the blocks into
   a specially calculated sub-base

Everyday decisions such as creating vehicle parking areas on our properties can have environmental consequences. In times of heavy or sustained rainfall the drainage system can become overloaded and cause catastrophic flooding. This has resulted in changes to Government legislation and it is becoming increasingly important to focus on well balanced, sustainable driveway design.

Marshalls revolutionary patented Permeable block paving is a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) for driveways. It has all the benefits of an efficient drainage system that returns rainfall to the water table, without the need for membranes, tanks or soakaways, and therefore no planning permission is necessary prior to laying.

Drivesett Argent, Drivesett Tegula and Driveline permeable paving all have coordinating features to complete your project.

As a registered Marshall approved installer you can rest assured that Advanced Paving will deliver the peace of mind that can only be delivered by an experienced specialist.

Permeable Block Paving
Permeable Block Paving

Permeable Block Paving
Permeable Block Paving